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To The Moon! Operations & Growth For Scale

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Success! Your brand has been acquired! What happens next? In our last article, we delved into our acquisition process and how we increased annual profits for Kim's clock company by 43%. But what exactly goes on behind the scenes at Una Brands that enables us to take brands to the next level?

Not to worry, your brand is in good hands. We spoke with our talented Operations & Growth teams to get a sneak peek at the magic that happens post-acquisition. Let’s take a look:

Operations made effortless

Post-acquisition, our utmost priority is integrating your business into our ecosystem. Our team will first work closely with you to understand your current operations workflow and identify potential areas of optimisation. We then migrate your inventory to our preferred logistics partners and streamline your workflows to align with our best practices.

While this might sound obvious, it is also a crucial step in enabling your brand to hit the ground running post-acquisition. Beyond ensuring smooth operations, the consolidation of services with our other brands also allows your brand to leverage our existing networks and reach to enjoy cost-savings and better service.

Una Brands also invests in significant operational and process improvements to supercharge your growth:


When things get busy, it can get difficult to keep track of what’s flowing in and out of your business. Una’s expertise helps you avoid the headaches of missed deliveries, stockouts and more by automating your processes. The operations team works with our tech team to seamlessly automate processes like order creation and supply chain management, reducing your initial operations headcount to a fraction of what it was.


Una Brands gets priority service and better prices from suppliers and manufacturers that we have existing relationships with. Besides automating order management, the operations team also works on developing backup suppliers, managing inspections, and overseeing quality control.

Strategic Development

Once a brand is fully integrated, the operations team will begin to streamline the supply chain by looking into new shipping routes and warehouse allocation.

A Fine Frenzy

Festive periods can be a logistical nightmare, even for the most experienced of sellers. Try out these protips from our Operations Team to ace your next festive sale season.

Protip 1: Optimise your bundling strategy

Everyone knows that sales = promotional bundles, but have you ever considered that your bundle multiples might be dampening your brand’s appeal?

The pandemic turned endemic has seen constant shifts in regulations — with new variants and social distancing measures still at large, this could be a good time to reconsider the bundles you sell. Lower bundle multiples like packs of 5 could be more relevant today than a bigger size of 6 or 8.

Protip 2: Prepare your supply chain for the last-minute wave

While most sellers are familiar with catering to the early birds, few have mastered the art of capturing the last-minute crowd. Certain SKUs may be frequently ordered ahead of time when customers prepare for festive seasons in advance. It is, however, also worth anticipating certain SKUs that people may order at the very last minute, for example, disposable utensils, last-minute gifts, or even stools. As these SKUs tend to be ordered in smaller quantities and require urgent delivery, liaising with your delivery partners to enable next or same-day delivery can give you the edge you need to secure your sale.

Multi-faceted Growth

Supercharging a brand is hard work, and it doesn’t just involve operational improvements! Una Brands' world-class team of industry experts wears many hats to elevate the qualitative aspects of your brand — our holistic approach to growth includes functions like growth marketing, platform and/or marketplace integration, international expansion, and product development.

Meet our Growth team:


Here at Una Brands, we aim to acquire great brands and grow them into global, well-loved, and enduring household names. Our in-house marketing team stands at the forefront of that mission, with dedicated brand managers helping to bring your brand into the minds and hands of consumers around the world. With our brand managers possessing a wealth of experience across Amazon, Shopee, Shopify and more, optimising your platform and marketplace to improve reach and visibility will be a piece of cake.

International Expansion

The complexities of expanding into new markets and channels can appear daunting, which is why our growth team is best placed to help you decide which platforms to launch your brand internationally. With their expertise, your brand will gain access to customers who were previously beyond your reach.

Product Development

Last but not least, Una Brands’ access to top tools and industry experts enables you to find the perfect new product to launch. This process is led by our growth team, which taps on powerful data and analytics to generate insights.

Innovation and growth always excites us at Una Brands, and we breathe the same energy into your brands. Sign up for a free evaluation with us today! 30 minutes is all we need.


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