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How Does UNA Acquire and Grow FBA Businesses?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

There’s never been a better time to be an Amazon seller. While the pandemic has for a while forced people to stay indoors and away from brick-and-mortar stores, Amazon is booming. However, one of the most common challenges for entrepreneurs is to take their sales and profits to the next level with time. As the Amazon FBA business matures, many Amazon sellers often discover that they need a whole other set of skills to grow their FBA business.

For an FBA business that achieves success but then hits a plateau and finds it hard to develop the business further, getting a large lump sum of money and making a clean exit is a dream come true.

Una Brands has a structured process for an Amazon FBA business for sale, to develop long-term brand strategy for value-enhancement, optimise existing operational processes through in-housing of multiple brands, and develop plans with brand founders for geographical expansion and product line launches.

If you are considering an exit, one of the first things that comes to mind is where to start? The acquiring process of an FBA brand at UNA is relatively simple and straightforward.

Acquiring An FBA Business

1. Share your story: If you feel that this is the right time for you to sell your Amazon business, all you have to do is share your brand story with Una. Getting familiar with your brand and its story is important to grow a healthy business together.

2. Receive an offer: If your business fits our model, we’ll evaluate your company and prepare an initial valuation. Once a brand is a candidate for purchase, UNA understands your company’s baseline finances and operations and gives you an accurate valuation and offer.

3. Work out the details: When a deal is drawn up, and a letter of intent (LOI) is signed, Una begins its due diligence, digging into the financials and exploring the seller’s Amazon account. Una closes its LOI’s within a few short weeks, and is always working to speed up the process.

4. Get paid: Una pays you in cash for the outstanding business that you have built. Often, agreements are structured to include earnouts for the seller. This arrangement allows them to continue to profit as Una grows the brand.

Accelerating an FBA brand

After acquiring an Amazon brand, the next step is to accelerate its growth. Once a product or brand is acquired, a checklist is prepared that analyses, optimises, and integrates it into Una’s portfolio. Una puts to action its global team of Amazon experts to drive organic brand growth. Their skillset for brands includes:

  • Branding and listing optimisation

  • Operations and product development

  • Project management

  • Performance analysis

  • Pricing

  • SEO

  • Financing

  • Growth marketing

  • Packaging

  • Review management

  • Supply chain

We love hearing how great brands are made! Take out 30 minutes of your time to grow your Amazon business with Una. Book a free meeting with us today!

Are you looking to sell your brand, or know someone who does? Sign up for a free valuation with us today! 30 minutes is all we need.


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